December 7, 1941

Eighty-one years ago today my life changed. On December 7, 1941, the Empire of Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. It was the beginning of World War II. SHOCKINGLY THERE HAS BEEN NO MENTION ON TV OF THIS PIVOTAL EVENT IN WORLD HISTORY. It changed the world and my life. My dad immediately left for California to find work in a defense plant. By spring my mother and I joined him, I fell in love with movies, and the rest is history. Remember Pearl Harbor today and the many lives lost there and in WWII.



2 thoughts on “December 7, 1941

  1. I was wondering if anyone would take note of it. I haven’t been watching news today to see what is being said in Phoenix. They usually have some observance down at our state Capitol building where there are some monuments to the U.S.S. Arizona and its dead sailors.

    So, at some point after that my dad, who was not long out of high school, also went to work in the first of a couple defense plants before eventually becoming an Army Air Corps B-25 pilot in the Philippines.

    And you, my dear, are part of a rapidly dwindling population of folks who were around when all that happened and have lived to tell about it. Congratulations on that!

    One small correction for you: That day was the start of WWII for the U.S., but not for Great Britain and Poland and France. We tried to stay out of it until that happened.

    Thanks again for staying ever relevant and ever on point in all you do! You’re a national treasure and highly underrated, I’m afraid.


  2. Just wait until August, when the anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki roll around. What remains of the legacy media , every woke corporation and every five flavored hair sporting nutcase on Earth will hypoxiate themselves bout what “monsters” we were to cook us up a couple of heapin’ helpins’ of “rice crispies,” to enjoy, on two fine Summer mornings. ‘Won’t hear much about the rape of Nanking, the Korean comfort girls or the 75 pound American POWs whom we found, when we came ashore.


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