High Water High

Though the Blue Tsunami I predicted didn’t quite happen, there’s comfort in knowing that many handpicked Trumpazoid candidates lost. There still may be enough voters who care about America to hold back the gathering darkness of GOP neo-fascism. [Crossing fingers] My next prediction is Atty. Gen. Garland will soon indict Trump for espionage and obstruction. Get out that 4 XXXX orange jumpsuit, Fluffy. Donny’s gonna need it. mvd

2 thoughts on “High Water High

  1. If you wish to call a 7% of The Presidents’ endorcements “many,” that’s fine. You’re whistling in the dark, though. We have The House, which means that the J6 committee has a beautiful red fork in it, a long with the rest of Brandons’ agenda. We still have a chance at The Senate. even if the dems sweep the table, they’ll far too many seats to defend, in ’24. The rock star Keri Lake will probably prevail. It’s almost a statistical certainty. We had great pick ups in the judiciary, (most notably in North Carolina) the state houses and the school boards. Best of all, the two “rising stars” of the democrat party, Abrams and O’Rourke were OBLITERATED. Stacy can at least look forward a lonely, unhappy life of fried chicken and Lipitor. As for Bozo… i don’t know. Maybe he can have the Ray Bolger part, if they ever decide to remake ‘The Wizard of OzThere was a couple of embarrassments, yeah. Pennsylvania elected a nursing home patient and a CORPSE! GOD, I would love to be a fly on the wall during a private conversation between Brandon and Uncle Festerman. It’d be like watching those films of the LSD tests that the government ran on volunteers, back in the ’50s! Sleep well, Mamie!


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