China and Me:

Wing Flapping, Feather Pulling, and Love on the Wing

It’s a pleasure to announce the release on Amazon of my new book, China and Me: Wing Flapping, Feather Pulling, and Love on the Wing. Happily, word of the book has begun to spread through the Associated Press and many other entertainment outlets like Google News, Book Publishing News, ABC, KTLA 5, Daily Bookshelf, and Bookstore Newswire.

The book is a memoir of my relationship with my beloved China, a Moluccan cockatoo who has been part of my life for nearly 50 years. You’ll find it full of love, kindness, and compassion on the part of humans and animals. And scads of pictures by my favorite photographers and watercolor illustrations galore by the talented Tom Grogg. I’ll keep you up to date on what people are saying about my book, so watch this space for more news as China and Me gains in popularity. mvd

This week’s Clueless Douche Bag Award is shared by Louisiana State Representative, Danny McCormick, and by Baptist pastor, Brian Gunter, who teamed up to introduce legislation that would mandate prison time for a woman who receives an abortion. This breathtaking totalitarianism is sure to satisfy the streak of murderous misogyny sweeping the ranks of the Qanon Trumpazoids, while terrifying sensible folks everywhere. If you need to be told that McCormick and Gunter are evil rightwing women haters, then you might want buy yourself a new MAGA hat. Here’s the deal, kids: control of women’s bodies—pregnancy, birth control, health care—is job one for the rightwing fundamentalists. Creation of a real Gilead, with women subservient to the State and to men as vessels to receive cum and to produce children, is their ultimate goal. So a round of applause for McCormick and Gunter. Enjoy the Douche Bag Award, boys. Margaret Atwood foresaw the likes of you when she wrote The Handmaid’s Tale—ignorant little piss-ants lusting after power. But watch out, douches. You don’t like it, but women can still vote.

Labor Day 2022

Labor Day for me was always the red-headed step child of the summer holidays. It marked the end of summer and the beginning of the school year. And when you can’t get enough of the boys at muscle beach, you’re not focused on the labor movement in then U.S. I grew up to be a member of Screen Actors Guild, the powerful union protecting the rights performers in the movie industry. As President Biden is fond of reminding us, the labor movement is responsible for the growth and prosperity of the middle class in America. As such it has been reviled by the GOP, because the growing wages of union workers represents money taken out of the pockets of their corporate masters. Trump despised the unions and wanted destroy them. Biden correctly identifies unions as the still powerful ally of the middle class and a the life blood of the nation’s economy. So celebrate Labor Day today with a long nap and cold beer. We still have miles to go to strengthen the movement.