Another roadside attraction

Trump has turned Ivana into a roadside attraction, made Mar-a-lago into a treasure hunt, and wished his generals were loyal like Hitler’s. There’s a tiny fake flower arrangement surrounded by brown grass to mark Ivana’s grave. And People still like this lump of rancid lard. If you’re that dumb, stay the fuck off my sites. I don’t want you here. We’ve seen the racist cluster fuck of a Trump administration. No more. No Trumpazoid zone. Strictly enforced.

He’ll do anything

Trump’s advantage is he’ll violate any law. Listen, he had those classified docs because HE WAS GOING TO EXPLOIT THEM. He owes the Rooskies hat, ass, & overcoat. A few TS/SCI docs might seriously reduce that debt. And who else? Saudis? Step up, MBS, and bring your checkbook. NKorea? C’mon, chubby, want to know about the nukes? Belly up to the bar. Make no mistake, Trump is a sociopath capable of any outrage. He has already shown us who he is.

The Capitol Records Building

Alan Mercer is a genius.  You’ve probably noticed.  (He’s also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  We’ve been friends for a long time.)  This photo is the latest example of his remarkable work, blending whimsey, history, and hardcore glamor—a freeze-frame from an action-adventure fantasy anchored by an historic photo of me recording in Studio B of the iconic Capitol Records building.  This is just the kind of stuff I love to read and write about.  Settle in for a moment.  This is more than a blog post.  It’s a short history lesson.

Construction was begun on the Capitol Records Building in 1955, when I was a fledgling starlet at Universal International Studios.  The shape of the building, of course, mimicked a stack of 45 rpm records—the overwhelming music delivery of choice in that day.  In April of 1956, one month after my son, Perry, was born, I was recording the music track for Untamed Youth in historic Studio B.  The picture in the glow of those searchlights was taken of me singing Oobala Baby.  The night I recorded I was visited by music biz royalty: Dean Martin, Ray Anthony (husband, Perry’s daddy) and Frank Sinatra.  For them it was a unique experience: they were hearing rock and roll music being made. In its day, the Capitol Building housed recording studios, rehearsal halls, echo chambers, and executive offices.  Then and now, it is the one of the most iconic places in L.A.  Whenever I drive the Hollywood Freeway, I see it and I can see myself at the mic, hovering in the searchlights.