It’s a sunny day, Ketanji

II am thankful to have lived long enough to witness the historic confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson as an associate justice of the Supreme Court this week. A black woman with more brains, poise, and empathy than a whole chamber full of senators, elevated to the most prestigious judicial office in the land.  Her confirmation was a reaffirmation of the fundamental American ideal that President Biden described as “possibility.”

And I am doubly thankful to have watched her eloquent and moving speech on the South Lawn of the White House this morning.  Ketanji graciously shared the credit and joy of her confirmation among family, colleagues, friends, and mentors.  She was often near tears describing her parent’s sacrifices, the support of friends and legal professionals, and the sheer delight of having overcome the obstacles of systemic racism and misogyny.  

Remember where you were and what you were doing when this bit of history was made. We will all be illuminated by the light that shown on Ketanji today.  We will all say, yes, I was there to watch when history was made, when the arc of the universe bent a little more toward justice.