Stop Cringing & Start Fighting

It defies logic that Krysten Sinema, Democratic senator from Arizona, would not support legislation that would ensure voting rights for ALL Americans. Our country is in an uncontrolled skid to the far right. State after state is enacting legislation to limit voting rights for people of color and young people. The GOP realizes they can’t win if blacks, latinos, and the young—groups likely to vote Democratic—can vote unimpeded. By creating barriers to voting, the Republicans continue the wave of blatant racism, bigotry, and oppression begun by the would-be fascist who once occupied the White House, Donald Trump. A doom scenario for human rights is upon us because the Democratic Party refuses to act in unison to achieve their goals. Senators like Sinema would do well to take a lesson from the Republicans’ fiercely united determination not to compromise. Instead of cringing in a corner and whining, “Please don’t hurt me,” the Democrats need to locate their balls and do what’s desperately needed for the American people and our under siege democracy.

Reboot: The only true antidote


Update: June 20, 2021

The Loss of Champ

It’s a fitting update for this blog that has been dormant for eight or more years.  President Joe Biden and his family lost their beloved German Shepherd, Champ, yesterday [June 19, 2021], and my heart goes out to them.  The Bidens are a family more familiar with tragedy and loss than most.  By now you know the story:  Biden’s first wife and daughter were killed in a car crash the week before Christmas in 1972.  His son, Beau, died of brain cancer in May of 2015.

Champ’s passing was no surprise to the Bidens.  Champ’s health had been failing for some time, but he hung on until President Joe returned from his successful trip abroad to the G7 Summit, a NATO meeting, and a face-to-face with Putin.  Once he was comfortably back with the family, Champ let go and died peacefully.

Most of you know how devoted I am to my animals.  My two Moluccan cockatoos, our rescue terrier mix, Happy, and my beloved German Shepherd/Wolf rescue, Lilli Mae.  We’ve had four Miniature Pinchers (Starlet, Rainbow, Sophie, and Tiger), and the towering Suave, a champion racing Greyhound, all who graced us with their lives and final years.  I have a little shrine with their ashes here in my home.  They are always in my memory, sweet and powerful presences.

Below is a post from 2014 about a friend who lost his German Shepherd.  It is as moving to me now as it was then, and the relevance of its thoughts endure.


A dear long time FB friend of mine lost his German Shepherd last night. His dear companion succumbed to a lingering disease. My friend is now deeply in grief and wondering how to get through the next day alone. Though you do not know his name, I ask you to send loving kindness and thoughts of compassion to all who grieve over the loss of a loved one. Grief is a universal emotion and we will all deal with it eventually because it marks a permanent loss of love. For a while it may seem that we cannot love again, or that to love again is a betrayal, but every sunset is followed by a sunrise. The truth is, you cannot protect yourself from love, because love is the only true antidote powerful enough to overcome sorrow.