Playing the Field: it’s all in the name


A friend recently told me that he was unable to find the new collector’s edition of my book, Playing the Field, in Amazon’s search engine. Sure enough, when I tried it myself it was damned hard to locate. I contacted Amazon and they are trying to resolve the technical issues involved, but in the meantime, if you are considering giving Playing the Field as a gift this holiday season, there are three easy ways you can buy it.

One, (the easiest!) go to my online bookstore here.

Two, when you do your Amazon search for “Mamie Van Doren, Playing the Field,” click the “Paperback” tab, and that should get you to the new edition.

Three, when you search for my name, put the prefix “Ms” in front of it. (The registration process places a gender prefix in front of the author’s name. Go figure.)

Best wishes to all of you for a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Bountiful Kwanza, and Happy New Year.
Peace & Love. Mxo


One thought on “Playing the Field: it’s all in the name

  1. Ms. Van doren, I wished I asked you to marry me, among other ladies like Margaret Hamilton, Jane Mansfield, Elisabeth Taylor, Jane Russel, Barbara Stanwyck, ETC, simply because I went into puberty. I couldv’e made all of you happy. I still can. Especially you. Thank YOU so very much, Mamie. Mamie; contact me soon OK?


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