Palm Springs International Film Festival 2014


I’ll be attending this year’s Palm Springs International Film Festival awards gala on Saturday, January 4. I’ll be sitting with my dear friends Jamie Kabler and Helene Galen, along with Senator Barbara Boxer and other dignitaries. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be attending this year.

As you know, I have a long running love affair with Palm Springs. My career really started there after being discovered by Howard Hughes in the Miss Palm Springs beauty contest. After I signed with Universal Studios and became Mamie Van Doren, I was queen of the Palm Springs Rodeo, and I dedicated the tall palm trees that still line Palm Canyon Boulevard as you enter Palm Springs. Though I never made a movie in Palm Springs, I rubbed shoulders with everyone from Frank Sinatra to William Powell. My parents lived in the high desert near Palm Springs, and my mother and I often went there to shop and just take in the ambience of the desert oasis.


Of course, I’ll be staying at my home away from home in Palm Springs, the lovely Andreas Hotel. It’s all a great way to kick off a brand new year!



3 thoughts on “Palm Springs International Film Festival 2014

  1. I am interested in your mention of the Palm Canyon palm tree dedication. I am trying to pull together the history of the planting of the palms along Palm Canyon Drive, but some facts are erroneous, and some timelines don’t correspond. I have read that you dedicated the tall palms that were planted as one enters town, headed south. Is this correct information? Could you tell me what year that was?

    In addition, I have read that Ruth Hardy was responsible for getting approval for the planting of those trees, via the city council, and that Earl Neel (Neel’s Nursery) was contracted to plant them. However, I also have read a book excerpt that says Refugio “Cuco” Salazar was contracted to plant them (1949).

    Re: your Miss Palm Springs mention. Many articles I’ve read state that it was the year 1949. Others have the year as 1948. Could you set the record straight on this? I would much appreciate any information you can share.

    Great blogs! You are one savvy woman. I look forward to reading more about your Palm Springs International Film Festival adventure.

  2. I should have known you would be there! Joe and I were at the Empire Polo Grounds from Jan 2 thru Jan 5 for their annual Dog Show. I did very well with one of my fella’s that weekend! It would have been so nice to maybe see you and Thomas! You would have undoubtedly loved the dog show. Barry Manilow showed up!!


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