November Beach–a new video

I have sorely neglected this blog and its readers over the last few weeks because of other commitments. This little video will hopefully make up for being remiss. It is a collection of still photos taken at the beach by Thomas over the past months in day, night, and twilight. The lovely music is by my Facebook friend Jerry Steelfox, a fabulously talented musician and composer. You can find Jerry’s ReverbNation page here and his Facebook page here. Enjoy, leave your comments, and have a wonderful week ahead!
Love and kisses,


10 thoughts on “November Beach–a new video

  1. Thanks for posting the video along with the music…I really enjoyed it…several months back you also posted a magnificent poem that Thomas had written for Angel…the homeless person who passed away during some extreme cold weather…the beauty and integrity of that poem has stayed with me for a long time and Im wondering if it is at all possible to ask Thomas’ permission to post some more of his poems…Peter xxx

  2. Very enjoyable! Nice photography and soothing music, and of course our lovely subject, Mamievand. Looks like the Monterey Bay to me…

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