The only true antidote


A dear long time FB friend of mine lost his German Shepherd last night. His dear companion succumbed to a lingering disease. My friend is now deeply in grief and wondering how to get through the next day alone. Though you do not know his name, I ask you to send loving kindness and thoughts of compassion to all who grieve over the loss of a loved one. Grief is a universal emotion and we will all deal with it eventually because it marks a permanent loss of love. For a while it may seem that we cannot love again, or that to love again is a betrayal, but every sunset is followed by a sunrise. The truth is, you cannot protect yourself from love, because love is the only true antidote powerful enough to overcome sorrow.

4 thoughts on “The only true antidote

  1. You really have caught the moment and reality of the situation on this Mamie.

    Just take care out there and do look after yourself.

  2. There are grief support groups out there for people who have lost pets, I’ve been to one in our area. Tell your friend he will breathe again, he will love again.


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