Coup d’etat


Who can make sense of the government shut down; the debt ceiling crisis on the horizon; the NSA sucking up data on all of us at an alarming rate; and elected representatives left, right, and center pointing fingers about who is wrong. It is a merry-go-round made of nightmares. As someone wrote on my FB page, the government has told us clearly who matters in this world: the military continues to be funded, oil exploration continues on National Park lands closed to the public, and Congress and Senate continue to get their paychecks. But citizens? Fuck you.

History will show that the post 9-11 Bush-Cheney years were when America as we once knew it was completely destroyed. Wars were fought under false pretenses with only conquest of oil reserves as their purpose. Torture was legalized. The rights of citizens were tossed aside in favor of the rights of corporations. The Constitution was subverted to eliminate freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, right of privacy, and freedom from illegal search and seizure. Habeous corpus was discarded so that anyone accused of anything could be imprisoned indefinitely.

History will also show that Osama bin Laden succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake, who was in the spy agency when 9-11 occurred, said on Democracy Now today that after 9-11 America underwent a constitutional coup d’etat. He could not be more right. All bin Laden had to do was mount one attack and America willingly destroyed itself.

It requires great effort not to be pessimistic about the way our country looks today, but, in fact, there may be no way out of America’s dilemma. The country has descended into a kind of fascist corporate state in which the rights of citizens, the environment, and the very spirit of our nobel experiment in freedom is crushed under the weight of totalitarian greed and a mindless obsession with security. It is a truism that all things change. Our sad transformation is a clear sign we are moving out of the mainstream and into the twilight of great civilizations.


2 thoughts on “Coup d’etat

  1. Mamie so thought provoking to say the least…my mind is befuddled with so much crap lately I pray to simply breathe in the luxury of my childhood, which actually sucked a lot but was so naive in it’s beauty of partially a living hell. FUCK US ROYALLY!

  2. The USA is declining. As things open to more equality (same sex marriage for example) the corporate plutocrats and the elected people they have bought are working against us.


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