Suite 221: The Mamie Van Doren Suite

This is the video of the Mamie Van Doren Suite dedication party at the Andreas Hotel & Spa in Palm Springs, CA. It has appeared on Facebook, but I wanted to make sure everyone has access to it on the blog. The music, I Only Wanted You, is by my friend Kim McLean who kindly gave me permission to use it. It was a fun night in the desert, and friends came from all over SoCal. I wish all of you could have been there.


5 thoughts on “Suite 221: The Mamie Van Doren Suite

  1. that was absolutely so nice w.the music flowing and mamie w/her beautiful stance, grace, hair and movement,,,it just flowed…..thanks this….I am making a promise to myself that I will stay at that suite one day….I will……d

  2. I am thrilled to pieces you were honored in fabulous Palm Springs!!!! I adore it there and will stay in your suite for sure beautiful you. GORGEOUS FUN SNAPS TOO!!!!! This made me smile…thanks so much for the video Thomas 🙂 Of course I posted it along with some snaps on my biz FB site 🙂 I will also reblog it on my blog!!!! Always my love Mamie, JoAnn xoxo


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