Happy Birthday, Alan Mercer

MAMIE flying sml
Dubbed “The Classic” from our first shoot. Photo by Alan Mercer

Friends are something to be thankful for. If we’re smart, we cherish them. But it’s not often that a friend comes along who has an influence as great as Alan Mercer’s has been for me.

Alan and I met–can it be that long ago?—in 2005. That first long, busy afternoon photo shoot showed me what a gifted artist he is. We have shot many pictures since then, with always spectacular results. Countless photographers have taken my picture—the greats like Tom Kelly, George Hurrell, and John Engstead, and some of the not-so-greats. Alan Mercer’s name is definitely among the greats who have snapped my picture. And no one has had a more important influence on today’s Mamie Look than Alan.

On the occasion of your birthday today, Alan, I can only say many happy returns, may you have many more, and may all your dreams come true.

All my love,

p.s. Let’s schedule a shoot soon.

Mamie Van Doren 364 red garters
Red Garters, photo by Alan Mercer


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