Working on my new book today—the part with health and beauty tips and life hacks—and I was going over this paragraph:

Do I really need to say this? Do not smoke. This is a no brainer. If you smoke, you will not have a healthy life and you will likely die younger than you should. When you do die of smoking related illnesses, the dying will not be pleasant. If you have been a smoker, you can improve the quality of your later years—not to mention your present years—by quitting.

For many years the evils of smoking were largely hidden from the public by the big tobacco companies. Doctors endorsed smoking in television commercials and even hinted that menthol cigarettes could be beneficial if you had a chest cold. None of this ever made any sense to me and I avoided smoking accept when I played all those bad girls who did.

Just when smoking was on the decline—at least in the U.S.—along comes “vaping.” In case you don’t know, vaping means inhaling the vapor generated by electronic cigarettes. A battery powered atomizer vaporizes nicotine-laced propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin flavored with various tastes like mint, bubblegum, or banana caramel. Touted as an alternative to smoking or a way to quit cigarettes, it is merely a variation on a familiar theme: a nicotine delivery system. Little is known about the health risks of vaping and much of the current research has been funded by tobacco companies. Haven’t we already been lied to about the health risks of smoking, and don’t we already know about the health hazards and powerful addictive qualities of nicotine?

The sidebar story to this is, of course, that nicotine and the tobacco companies get a pass to sell known carcinogens, while marijuana is still illegal. Go figure. An herb you can grow at home is outlawed, but one grown by our corporate rulers isn’t. Ain’t that America?

This is a potential gold mine for BIG TOBACCO. Like all things related to the giant corporate players who own our government, there is big lobbying money being paid to the so-called elected officials who cast the votes. And as with cigarettes, tobacco companies are not going to tell you that it could be harmful. They will gladly sell you a drug known to be addictive and poisonous, masked in a sweetly flavored false alternative.


2 thoughts on “Vaping

  1. The only thing smoking does for you is to satisfy an addiction you would not have if you didn’t smoke in the first place.Putting cig money in the bank or stock market will add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars by retirement age.


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