The Mamie Van Doren Suite

I am soooo excited about the preparations now underway at the Andreas Hotel in Palm Springs to renovate one of their luxury suites and name it in my honor. The video shows some of the changes that the hotel manager, Gina Laughton, is beginning to make. Gina plans on redecorating the suite around some of my memorabilia—pictures, movie posters, and especially a fantastic portrait of me by pinup artist Olivia De Berardinis. It promises to be gorgeous. I’ll have more updates for you in the next few weeks prior to the grand opening party.


4 thoughts on “

  1. I always hoped there would be a suite named after you and a few tunes…I LOVE THIS TUNE!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU MAMIE>>>>>>>>HONEY!! I will stay in this beautiful boutique hotel in your honor for sure!! Probably will have to book the suite months in advance! love love, Jo xoox

  2. How wonderful for you, MVD, to have a suite named for you at the Andreas Hotel. It is very exciting to have such an honor bestowed upon you. I know that it will be one of their most favorite suites.Congratulations!


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