Julian Assange: more ass than a toilet seat

Julian Assange with his legal adviser Jennifer Robinson

There’s a fascinating documentary on Julian Assange and Wikileaks, created by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s news magazine Four Corners on the website justice4assange.org. It gives the first detailed account I have seen of the sexual dalliances with two Swedish women that caused Julian Assange to take refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to avoid being arrested and extradited to Sweden on charges of rape. It’s worth the 45 minutes it takes to watch just to have some background on the controversial founder of Wikileaks.

You can decide whether you think he’s a rapist or a victim of the Swedish justice system acting as a proxy for the U.S., who wants desperately to silence him and Wikileaks. I’m not going to write about the pros and cons of the charges against Julian today. I am going to comment that Julian certainly gets more ass than a toilet seat. I base this on the fact that just about anywhere he goes, he’s surrounded by attractive young women. From the young Swedish women who took him under their, um, wings at a speaking engagement in 2010; to the good-looking Aussie who’s his legal adviser in London, to an Icelandic Member of Parliament who was his champion, Julian is clearly catnip to the ladies. As a woman, I can totally see why.

Assange embodies some of the qualities of a Robin Hood-like folk hero, which he manipulates very cleverly to his advantage. Not the least is his heroic image as a lone messenger brave enough to unmask the dirty secrets of the powerful around the world. That he led a nomadic existence—until he was forced to hole up in the Ecuadorian Embassy—sparks an instinct in certain women to make a safe and cozy nest for him, if only for a night or two. I would certainly give him a place to hide and a bed to put his slippers under.


2 thoughts on “Julian Assange: more ass than a toilet seat

  1. If you really watched that documentary you would know that Julian Assange is not accused of rape, and there are no charges against him in Sweden.


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