Confessions of a shoe freak


Hi, I’m Mamie and I’m addicted to shoes. It’s a lingering obsession, one I don’t really have any desire to kick. I grew up in the Great Depression and on the farm where my grandparents raised me, shoes were very hard to come by, a commodity to be nurtured as long as possible.

When I went to live with my parents in Sioux City, Iowa, I discovered that my mother was a shoe freak too. Though both my parents were struggling with multiple jobs to support themselves and me, mom always had cute shoes.

There’s a b/w photo in Playing the Field of teenaged me posing in front of our house on Harvard Boulevard in Los Angeles, wearing a sexy two piece skirt and top and my mother’s green high heel shoes.

When I began to make a little bit of money, the first thing I bought was an expensive pair of shoes. My philosophy has always been you can wear just about anything if you have a great pair of shoes.

I still have a closet full of shoes—Leboutin, Chanel, Cavalli, Yves St. Laurent—there is no end to the sexiness some of these designers can put into a few strips of colored leather. And no end to the prices they can charge for them. One of the many amazing things the internet has brought is a vast selection of shoes every bit as sexy and eye-catching—and often more comfortable—for a damn sight less money. Girls today can go wild with the hottest new shoes on a budget.

Girls don’t dress up as much as they used to, but for me there’s still nothing like a hot pair of shoes—the higher the heels the better. They still go with just about anything.


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