Day 151 and counting


Amid all the noise of the Edward Snowden NSA leaks, the sordid story of Gitmo has been all but drowned out. As the hunger striking inmates in Camp Delta continue their protest, major western news organizations all but ignore them. For continuing coverage of the Gitmo situation, you need to look to RT and Aljazeera.

Gitmo holds a special place in all the scandalous embarrassments churning through the Obama Administration. Begun as a clearly illegal detention center during the dark years of war criminal Bush’s administration, Gitmo could have been Obama’s opportunity to make a new beginning and end some of the most egregious violations of international law—torture, indefinite detention without charges, and secret legal proceedings—perpetrated by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Gonzales. Sadly it represents a broken promise and an opportunity lost to right some terrible wrongs.

Now with reports of inmates being routinely subjected to sexual assault, and the force feeding of hunger strikers, the Gitmo gulag enters an even more shameful era. It is the most pernicious of tar babies. The more the administration flails and fights the closing, the deeper it becomes involved in it. And the more we are seen as an abuser of human rights on a par with the most totalitarian regimes around the world.

Worst of all, we delude ourselves by thinking this concentration camp somehow fights terrorism. In fact, through its existence, it incites would-be terrorists everywhere.


One thought on “Day 151 and counting

  1. Nail. Head. “In fact, through its existence, it incites would-be terrorists everywhere”

    That right there is the main reason a lot of fundamentalism is exacerbated, like petrol to a fire. The US has no conception of itself outside of itself. Obama has been nothing but a let down. And any time the US mentions anything to do with foreign policy now in the news I cringe.

    Too bad a lot more people aren’t informed – but then that’d mean they’d have to actively do it. X Factor is just too much of a pull.


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