In the wake of the TCM Festival


I feel blessed that so many fans have expressed their pleasure at watching the Turner Classics showing of many of my films. Your praise, support, and love make life warm and cozy for me, and I can’t thank you enough.

One of the eerie aspects of watching a retrospective like that is you see many people who are no longer with us. I was struck by how much everyone smoked in those movies. It was a given in film of that era that people were continually lighting up. I recall many migraines during the filming of several movies that were brought on, I now know, by the clouds of cigarette smoke swirling around me. I pretended to smoke in a couple of them and that was a real ordeal. I couldn’t help but notice that most of the people who died were smokers.

That said, it was a really lovely experience watching my movies—a couple of which I had not seen. Regardless of what some critics may say, audiences have approved of them, and that is the sweetest revenge of all. My deepest appreciation to all of you.

You’ll find stories about nearly all of last night’s features in the special collector’s edition of Playing the field, which is now available in my store and on Amazon.


4 thoughts on “In the wake of the TCM Festival

  1. As you know Mamie, I was probably more eager to see this Film Fest than you were.
    I’m glad that “Little Bennie’s” comments have not phased you. What a colossal Putz!
    Where would he be without his Uncle’s last name? Sweeping floors at Musso & Franks?
    I hope TCM invites you for an evening of wonderful stories. Like at The AERO Theater.
    But with Robert Osborne. Or Bill Hader. Or Drew Barrymore. Anyone but Ben Mankiewicz!

  2. I purchased a book recently at Barnes and Noble featuring pictures of pin-up girls through the decades. As a guy in his 40s, I was not familiar with a lot of the ladies from the decades prior to the 1970s or so. When I saw the pic of Mamie Van Doren, I thought to myself, “now there’s a fine looking female, no matter what decade she’s from.” But that pic didn’t do justice to her compared with the woman I saw in the TCM film festival featuring Ms. Van Doren. This girl was INCENDIARY!!! She was incredible. I definitely will be purchasing her movies on DVD, at least those that are on DVD. She puts modern “sex symbols” to shame!

  3. Interesting to read Mamie mentions amount of smokers in those films from the 50s.

    Besides the great figure and the hair, Miss Van Doren must have had extensive dance training before making these movies. She moves well with good balance, sets nice lines, great presentation, and accentuates the music very well.

    OK, I’ll buy her latest book.


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