The next time

At Dakho, Vietnam 1971

I wrote the following in 2006 for my old blog during the long dark night of the George Weenie Bush presidency. It seemed then that nothing could get worse. I hesitate to criticize President Obama because there is no doubt that a Romney presidency would have been much worse. But re-reading this today, I see few reasons to change it.

    The next time we fight a war, it will be an honest one, when our immediate safety is at risk.

    The next time we ask our children to die for a cause, it will be a real one.

    The next time we ask citizens to give up their constitutional rights, we will stop and rethink the question.

    The next time we institute oppression and call it justice, we will resign in disgrace.

    The next time we steal an election and call it democracy, we will admit that we are ignorant of our country’s institutions, and have in fact subverted them.

    The next time our nation is in sorrow, we will behave respectfully to all concerned, even those who may be suspect.

    The next time there is a crisis, we will act bravely to meet it. We will not dodge the danger and then call it courage.

And we will pray there will be a next time.

Bomb craters, Vietnam 1971


One thought on “The next time

  1. Mamie, was going to follow you, but regrettably you’re a brainwashed jollywood Lib. Instead of reading your bio, even considering an autographed pic, I feel sorry for anyone thinking Barack Obama has made America better than Mitt Romney could have. Capitalism has been a friend to you, but consider you a misguided hypocrite.


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