Playing the Field page turner #16

Playing the Field in the Reagan Era

When Playing the Field was originally published in 1987 the country was in the depths of the Era of Reagan. Conservatism seemed like a jolly joke back then, with the Great Communicator cracking witticisms at press conferences. Of course, behind the scenes the Sainted Ronnie was carving out huge tax breaks for the rich and laying the groundwork for the financial debacle of the 21st century, while ignoring the AIDS epidemic as it raged unchecked through America.

(I’ve written about my distaste for Reagan a number of times over the years. One of these days I’ll republish on this blog a piece I did for Hustler about a congressional halfwit who was lobbying to put the Gipper’s face on the fifty dollar bill.)


As the publication of the book approached, since I was still–unbelievably–a Republican, the conservative owner of USA Today took a shine to me and began mentioning Playing the Field in its pages. At the same time, Star magazine out bid the National Enquirer for the rights to publish a chapter prior to the book’s debut. The Star edition sold out in record time and was a great boost for book sales. But almost as helpful was the fact that the Enquirer was pissed about losing the bidding war and wouldn’t stop talking about the book either.

The new Special Collector’s Edition of Playing the Field is available now in my store and on Amazon.

By the way, if you are in the L.A. area, or will be here on the 4th of April, remember that I will be at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica for a book signing, screenings of Untamed Youth and High School Confidential, and a Q & A. See you there!


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