Playing the Field page turner #15

Anna Nicole and the celebrity recycle bin

I was interested to read recently about the opera of Anna Nicole Smith’s life set to debut in New York this September. Originally produced in London at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, the show will play for a couple of weeks at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s opera house. As a commentary on how quickly popular culture recycles celebrities once they have died, it’s a phenomenon worth noticing. Anna Nicole joins Marilyn, Elvis, Michael Jackson, and Tupac Shakur in the group of deceased celebrities whose recycled personas continue to generate income for someone. Hopefully, Anna’s will earn money for the beautiful daughter she left behind.
Photo by David Keeler

I wrote in Playing the Field about a group of glamor girls who died before their 50th birthday. Sadly, that list needs to be updated. I’ve been working on that in my new book that will be out near the end of the year.

The Special Collector’s Edition of Playing the Field is available now in my store and on Amazon.


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