Playing the Field page turner #14

Let’s Do the Time Warp

One of the interesting things about longevity if you are a so-called celebrity is that you are seldom the one who hears the clock ticking. Everyone else goes out of their way to watch the hands, and never hesitates to remind you when they click to the next number. (Oddly, they nearly always get my age wrong and make me older than I am. I can’t deny it because they’ll only say I’m lying about my age.)


I was once told by a studio executive—a man, of course—that I would be lucky if I had ten years in the limelight. Then, presumably, one would marry, raise a family, and quietly fade away. I never did that. I have spent the last six decades reinventing Mamie. From the vantage point of today, it looks like a long road, even though it feels like a walk around the block.

Share the journey in Playing the Field, Special Collector’s Edition in my store and on Amazon. —Mxo


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