Playing the Field page turner #13


For many of you the Vietnam war seems like ancient history. A conflict that ended nearly 40 years ago is as remote for most Americas as the The Wars of the Roses. For others, like me, the war in Vietnam is as immediate as last night’s nightmare.

Nothing could have prepared me for the horrors of war. By the time I left Vietnam, the things I had seen and heard left me changed forever. My tour was independent of the USO and took me, my conductor, and musicians to fire stations and remote bases from the Mecong Delta in the south to the Demilitarized Zone in the north. We played in places where no one else would go—places where the Viet Cong listened to me sing from the bush outside the fire station’s perimeter.
I hear from Vietnam vets all the time who saw my show. It is gratifying to know that I made a small difference for them. Moreover, their kind words remind me of the huge difference they have made for me. We share the nightmares of the war and the memories of the ones who did not return.

You can read about my Vietnam sojurn in Playing the Field, Special Collector’s Edition, available in my store and on Amazon. You can also read my fragmented Vietnam diary in Apocalypse Then on my website.


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