My Old Website

Someone forwarded this link to me of an archive of my old website. The site went dark a decade or so ago because of a catastrophic server crash. I never revived it because much of the code was outdated, and it was too labor intensive to update it. Some of the pictures and videos contain nudity—shocker!—and were behind a subscription pay wall, never intended for general use.

I’m posting this myself to control, at least a little, the propagation of unauthorized material. That said, there’s no scandal, no Pam Anderson sex tape, no torrid surveillance video. Just a snapshot of a really good website from back in the day of the young internet. It contains scads of photos by, and videos with my dear friend, the late Julie Strain. I was in my 70s then and thought I was too old. Julie talked me into it. “Be a trailblazer, Mamie!” she said. And so I did.

Let that be a lesson to you, ladies. Don’t hold back just because of the calendar. I’m proud of the work we did, the material I wrote, the boundaries we pushed way back then. I send it to all of you with love. 💋❤️

Tell it to the judge

A judge is poised to rule on a federal ban on abortion pills. It’s the GOP’s wet dream of abortion prohibition about to come true. They possess a virulent hatred of women and they lust for our suffering. Hey, boys, STOP JERKING OFF! You’re flushing baby-makers. You should go to jail.

Chalk River

In case you missed this on Rachael Maddow’s show on Monday.

In 1952, the first meltdown of a nuclear power plant in North America occurred in Chalk River Canada. Explosions tore much of the plant apart and flooded the remaining buildings with radioactive water. Because this sort of catastrophe had never occurred before, no one in the Canadian or U.S. governments knew how to approach the cleanup. The greatest expertise in handling nuclear problems existed in the U.S. Navy, thanks to research and construction of nuclear submarines and surface vessels. It was determined that the radiation was so intense that humans could only be exposed for 90 seconds, yet the building and its contents had to be disassembled and disposed of. A young Navy Lieutenant was put in charge of the project. An exact replica of the nuclear plant was constructed on a nearby playground, and rehearsals began with a large group of workers. Each one rehearsed a specific task, like unscrewing a bolt within the 90 second time limit. Painstakingly, the huge job was eventually done and the site was cleaned up, 90 seconds at a time. The young lieutenant who planned and executed the project, even doing his 90 second stint unscrewing a bolt, was named James Earl Carter, formerly a peanut farmer from Plains, GA.

In past years I’ve been critical of Jimmy Carter and his presidency. I thought he was weak. But since reading this story, I will hear no criticism of former President Carter. This was and is a man with remarkable courage who often saw the longer humanitarian goal—and just did it. His accomplishments for Habitat for Humanity and his relentless campaign to eradicate the ancient plague of Guinea worm in Africa not only make him worthy of his Nobel Peace Prize, but of true status as a bodhisattva. Sending meta to President Carter now, as he navigates his journey home in hospice care. Namaste, Jimmy.

Where are Scully and Mulder when you need them? The Pentagon announced this morning—amid giggles from the press corps—that the wreckage of the unknown objects might never be recovered. Well, gee-fuckin’-whiz, Fluffy, we’ve heard that song before. How long has the government been telling us that UFOs are weather balloons, cloud formations, or hallucinations? I’m not buying coy explanations that fighter pilots are chasing down metallic balloons and that we just can’t figure out what they’re for. No, we need to know what’s happening. It’s too late for more coverups, whitewashes, and shaggy dog stories. It makes us more suspicious. Mr. President, give us the straight story. Don’t insult our intelligence. The truth is out there.


Open Letter to Madonna’s Critics

Leave Madonna alone! She calls ‘em the way she sees ‘em. It’s everyone’s personal decision of how they want to be seen by the world. Taking shots at Madonna’s looks has long been a popular blood sport. I’ve been the target in that game many times, branded too sexy, too busty, too old for my antics. Yes, women over 45 are never celebrated. It’s up to us to make our own noise and slap frightened males upside the head with estrogen-fueled anger. Men traditionally have had a longer shelf life than women. Let a little fold or wrinkle show, girls, and it’s off to the plastic surgeon for a little nip-tuck or you’re not longer castable or fuckable. Meanwhile the boys get grayer, craggier, and more distinguished. Let a women have a little work done and it’s the talk of the town. Let a male star come out of hiding with a new lift and it’s, “Gee, doesn’t he look rested!”

Celebrate it, Madonna! From the vantage point of 92 years I can assure you that the criticism is only jealous noise. What matters is what’s in your own heart.

Today is the birthday of actress Mamie Van Doren (Raindrop). Happy birthday Mamie! She is 92 years old today, but still young inside.
Trying to describe Mamie is like trying to catch lightening in a bottle. (It is a difficult, if not impossible task.)
Mamie is the quintessential Hollywood movie star and sex symbol. She has lived a life that is true to herself and is both honest and candid.
During the Vietnam War, Mamie entertained the troops there. She paid for herself and band and conductor for two tours. She went to places that were dangerous and where she could have died. She later said she felt it was her duty to go. She is beloved by veterans
I am proud to say I know Mamie and I am proud of her. I call her Raindrop.

Dear Raindrop,
” I tell her she’s beautiful and perfect and she’s going to be okay. I tell her she doesn’t need to change herself to fit in with shallow girls or to matter to someone. I tell her everything I wish I had ever known. “
Cristin Terrill
Today is your birthday. Happy birthday Raindrop!
I’ve always felt it was strange that people take that one day to honor when it is, in fact, symbolic of one’s life journey. It symbolizes your life.
If we consider life journey, you have lived 33,579 days prior to this moment. That is a lot of ‘yesterdays’ that you have dwelled in and that make you the person you are.
The day you were born began your story, but it has evolved over the years.
Your story is one of dreams about a future in showbusiness. It is a tale of overcoming many obstacles, It consists of struggle and triumph and, yes, pain too.
Throughout your life you have maintained a personal dignity and honesty. You have been genuine and true to yourself.
You have worked hard over those 33,579 days and have become a Hollywood star in the finest sense of the term.
As you work on the second instalment of your life, you can be proud of yourself Raindrop and what you have achieved.
Yor life has not been easy, but you have prevailed and are here.
So, today Raindrop I not only honor your birthday, but also those days that have preceded today.
I hope you can take comfort today in all your achievements and, especially, in the fact that you are a caring person. You feel compassion for people and all living creatures. You can be proud of that on this your birthday.
Your birthday and all your yesterdays are worth celebrating and remembering today.
I hope this day is a fine one for you, Thomas, Perry Lilimae, Happy, China and Crackers too.
Happy birthday Mamie (Raindrop)!

China and Me: An Intimate Review

The review below was written by John “Rusty” Huddleston, a Vietnam vet I first met in Dak Ho, South Vietnam some 52 years ago. John lives in Sydney, Australia today. He became an expat after being spat upon and scorned when he returned home.

China and Me is available on Amazon.

“Animals are a window to your soul and a doorway to your spiritual destiny. If you let them into your life and allow them to teach you, you will be better for it.”

                                                                          Kim Shotola,

The power in your book is your openness and inherent honesty.

Your story of your odyssey with China is both simple and complex at the same time. It is also subtle.

You do not use the word ‘love’, but it is on almost every page in your book. That’s what makes it so moving.

I know I have read a good book when I get to the end and I am sad. I write ‘I am sad’ because I wanted more. I didn’t want it to end.

Your tenderness is on every page. It is evident when you were going to return China to Parrot Mountain and when you got there you couldn’t do it. It was present when you saw China after he had flown away. It was there when you gave him a mate. 

Each page had both tenderness and love.

The story of you and China was not about a glamorous movie star, but about a woman who formed a loving relationship with a wild animal. That’s what made it so moving.

Your epilogue was honest and moving. You referred to Joanie Olander and Mamie Van Doren was there, but it was written by the wise Raindrop that is here today.

Through your book the reader gets to know you better. I got to know you better.

The epilogue was written by your true self, but your true self also stands out on every page.

The story begins with Joanie Olander loving farm animals. Mamie Van Doren loved animals too and Raindrop provided the wisdom that age, and a life well lived, endows.

And so this is my last email of the year. It is appropriate that it is for you.

I have learned so much this year and the profound benefit of knowing you intimately.

I know if Raindrop writes Secrets of the Goddess, it will be a east seller.

Please tell China Happy New Year for me.








Proud Texans

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas picked Christmas Eve to bus more than a hundred immigrants to Vice President Harris’s home in Washington. It was 23 degrees when these men, women & children got off the bus. The white Christian state of TX did this. Gov. Abbott, you among all the pistol-toting population of white supremacists down there should ask yourself, what would Jesus do? There’s no limit to the Lone Star hypocrisy. And don’t they seem proud of it? mvd